Calories in Louis Rich

Calories in Louis Rich

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Louis Rich Calories and Macronutrients

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Total Fat
Sat. Fat
LOUIS RICH, Chicken (white, oven roasted)1 serving360.
LOUIS RICH, Chicken Breast (oven roasted deluxe)1 serving280.
LOUIS RICH, Chicken Breast Classic Baked /Grill (carving board)441.
LOUIS RICH, Franks (turkey and chicken cheese)1 serving902.
LOUIS RICH, Franks (turkey and chicken)1 serving852.456.11.7
LOUIS RICH, Turkey (honey roasted, fat free)1 serving572.510.80.40.1
LOUIS RICH, Turkey Bacon1 serving350.
LOUIS RICH, Turkey Bologna1 serving521.
LOUIS RICH, Turkey Breast (oven roasted, fat free)1 serving241.
LOUIS RICH, Turkey Breast (oven roasted, portion fat free)1 serving501.
LOUIS RICH, Turkey Breast (Smoked, Carving Board)420.
LOUIS RICH, Turkey Breast (smoked, portion fat free)1 serving521.
LOUIS RICH, Turkey Breast and White Turkey (oven roasted)1 serving280.
LOUIS RICH, Turkey Breast and White Turkey (smoked sliced)1 serving280.
LOUIS RICH, Turkey Ham (10% water added)1 serving320.
LOUIS RICH, Turkey Nuggets/Sticks (breaded)774.344.90.9
LOUIS RICH, Turkey Salami1 serving410.
LOUIS RICH, Turkey Salami Cotto1 serving420.
LOUIS RICH, Turkey Smoked Sausage1 serving901.

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